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A Man with a Vision: Pastor & Director Steven Trint Kkubolyabalamu

I wanted to write a short article in honor of my friend, Pastor of Kampala Church and Director of Toggo International Children’s Center, Toggo High School & Yaaka Afrika, Steven Trint. Since this is the 6th of a series of articles about my trip to Uganda, Africa and I have sprinkled in Pastor Steve’s stories…
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What the American Church Can Learn From the African Church

I was shooting a promo video for Yaaka Afrika, standing in the jungle of Uganda when I was asked the question, ‘what, if anything, can the American church learn from the African church?’  The tone in Nathan’s voice was respectful and seemed to indicate that he was entirely okay with the answer, ‘nothing.’  But, obviously…
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The Impact One Church Made in Uganda-Bridgeway Christian Church

It will be difficult to put into words how much Bridgeway has done and invested in the ministry and education to the Ugandan children. Whether it be through sponsoring a child or through direct donation to Yaaka Afrika and Pastor’s Steve’s ministry there through the school’s, each and every dollar has made a difference. Between…
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